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CNC Machines

At Asset Liquidity International, Inc. we specialize in buying and selling repossessed used CNC Machines. Our diverse inventory of machine tools ranges from commercial drill presses to CNR waterjet machines. Purchasing repossessed or used material handling equipment is a great way to upgrade your CNC Machine equipment while keeping your costs low. Browse our selection of machine tools below and then contact us with any questions you may have about the equipment. Remember to check back frequently as we are always getting new inventory.

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Vertical Machine Tools

We offer a wide range of CNC machines, including vertical machine tools across a broad spectrum of sizes and capacities. A used vertical machine tool can help you to advance your technological capabilities while minimizing costs. Our inventory comprises major brands such as Haas, Cen-Trump, Mori Seiki and Acer.

  • Vertical orientation
  • Allows workers easy access
  • Small footprint – takes up less space on a shop floor
  • Ideal for lighter materials

Horizontal Machine Tools

We maintain a solid inventory of horizontal machine tools by brands such as Haas, Excello, Bridgeport, and many more. Heavy materials are often easier to work with when using horizontal machining tools. At Asset Liquidity, we offer horizontal machine tools for all types of applications.

  • Horizontal oritentation
  • Reduces chip clogging
  • Longer tool life
  • Ideal for materials that are heavy and/or long

Flatbed Machine Tools

  • Help transition from traditional manual machining to CNC machining
  • Easy to set up
  • Technologically sophisticated yet affordable
  • Include hand wheels and CNC controls

Turning Centers and Lathes

  • Aid in the transition from manual machining to CNC machining
  • Easy set to up
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatile

Drills and Spindles

  • Available in a broad range of sizes
  • Useful for applications of all types
  • Reduce work for operators
  • Minimize cycle times


  • Excellent repeatability and consistency
  • High accuracy
  • Rapid cycle rates
  • Useful for a broad range of applications

Other Machine Tools

  • Break presses
  • Hydraulic Shears
  • Surface Grinders

Contact Asset Liquidity International today for more information on CNC machinery.

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