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2006 Komori 540 SP

ALI Reference #: 105357

2006 Komori  540 SP

This is a Komori Super Perfector that can be very versatile and can be used for many different jobs to be run.
  • PQC Komori (Print Quality Control)
  • PDC-S II (Print Density Control - Spectrophotometer)
  • KHS (High-speed inking)
  • KMS IV (Komori Monitoring System)
  • PTP (Paper Thickness Presets)
  • AMR (Automatic Make Ready)
  • APC (Full Automatic and semi-automatic plate mounting)
  • Cocking Register
  • Pre-connected to CIP4
  • All Automatic Washers Devices : Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
  • DELTA Komorimatic Dampening
  • Chromed Impression Cylinders
  • High Pile and Extended Delivery
  • IR Dryer IVT GraphiSet 4

*Specs on equipment are responsibilty of buyer to confrim.