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2010 KBA Rapida 106-6+L CX FAPC ALV2

ALI Reference #: 104672

2010 KBA Rapida 106-6+L CX FAPC ALV2

This 2010 KBA Rapida 106-6+L CX FAPC ALV3 is in good working condition. Is another fantastic offering of ALI's Offset press and used Printing equipment for sale with six color offset press with coating unit and extended delivery and using a Ergo Tronic Console.

2010 KBA Rapida 106-6+L CX FAPC ALV3 Specifications:

  • 110 million Impresions 
  • 6 colour (6-0) offset press + coating unit + extended delivery 
  • 750 x 1060 mm
  • CX package up to 1.2 mm thickness
  • ErgoTronic console with ColorTronic ink metering
  • X-Rite color measurement
  • FAPC fully-automatic plate change incl. pneumatic plate bending device
  • KBA Non-Stop-Feeder, automatic
  • Kersten anti-static device, high-performance version
  • Dust removal at feeder
  • Intercom
  • Cardboard equipment with mechanical guide elements (> 600 g/m2)
  • Sheet travel control 
  • Inking unit temperature control incl. doctor cooling
  • Hickey Picker
  • Elettra washing device for blanket- and impression cylinder & roller washing for simultaneous washing processes
  • Coating unit (L) Harris & Bruno chambered doctor blade for conventional coatings
  • Quick action plate clamps
  • Harris & Bruno coating supply and cleaning system for conventional coatings
  • KBA VariDry IR / Hot-air end dryer in delivery and extended delivery
  • Extended delivery ALV2 = 3800 mm
  • KBA Non-Stop-Delivery, descending
  • Weko AP 130 powder spray
  • Becker air-cabinet
  • Technotrans Beta.c High-Tech combi cooling device
  • Technotrans Beta.f filter unit
  • Grapho-Metronic register
  • Press raised 675 mm
  • Watercooled machine incl. chiller
  • Max. 18.000 sheets per hour