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ALI Reference #: 104954

#104954 2018 KBA RAPIDA 106-5 CX FAPC LED-UV

This 2018 KBA offset Press is in good running condition. This press can print up to eighteen thousand sheets per hour complete with ErgoTronic Console and ColorTronic Ink Metering and with very low impressions 

2018 KBA RAPIDA 106-5 CX FAPC LED-UV Details

  • CX card-board equipment, max. stock thickness 1.2 mm;
  • ErgoTronic console with ColorTronic ink metering;
  • ErgoTronic LAB – measurement and control on the basis of lab values;
  • QualiTronic Color Control – inline ink density measurement;
  • Walscreen – for visualisation of all processes;
  • QualiTronic LiveView – realtime transmission each printed sheet;
  • QualiTronic Quality Pass – measurement reports to document ink densities, spectral values and dot gain;
  • ErgoTronic ACR – automatic Camera Register;
  • Intercom;
  • Inking- and dampening rollers for the use of UV ink applications;
  • FAPC – fully automatic plate change;
  • DriveTronic SRW – simultaneous roller wash for PU 5;
  • Technotrans beta.c cool-combi unit (water cooled);
  • Technotrans inking unit temperature control;
  • Glycol cooler;
  • 5x ink mist filter for LED-UV inks;
  • CleanTronic – multipurpose washing system for blankets-, impression cylinders and inking rollers for LED-UV inks;
  • EES – emissions extraction system;
  • KBA VariDry LED-UV dryer EOP;
  • PowderMax CX powderspray incl. ant-static, remote controlled;
  • Tab-inserter;
  • High-pressure compressor for setting pneumatics;
  • Max. mechanical speed 18.000 sheets per hour;
  • Logotronic software package incl. dongle.