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Die Cutter with Stripping

ALI Reference #: 105313

2013 Guowang C106Q Die Cutter with Stripping

This die cutter has a cutting capacity of 40". This Guowang die cutter is another fantastic offering of ALI's Die Cutters, Bindery Equipment, and used printing equipment for sale. Having an Automatic Die Cutter helps to speed up production and increase productivity.

C106Q Die Cutter details:

  • 40 inch die cutter with stripping.
  • Maximum (Max.) 1060 * 760mmMinimum (Min.) 450 * 370mm
  • Die cut format Maximum (Max.) 1045*745mm
  • Bite blank adjustment range 7—17mm
  • Press bump size Maximum (Max.) 1050 * 745mm
  • Die cutter height 23.8mm
  • Bump height 6.35-7mm
  • Die cutting maximum adjustable pressure 320Tons
  • Maximum (Max.): 7500 sheets/hour (S/H)Paper stack height in feeding section
  • Highest (Max.): 1600mmDelivery stack stack height
  • Highest (Max.): 1450mm main motor Weight 19Tons
  • Can be shown up and running.
  • Voltage 400
  • Phase 3 PE
  • 50 Hz
  • 36 A.
Celebrating 40 years
member of PIASC
member of IPMA