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Maratek FSR

ALI Reference #: 103947

With the Maratek Fountain Saver Solution Recycling System, printers can easily and reliably reduce their costs and improve productivity; in eliminating dampening system maintenance and trouble-shooting. The cleaner the fountain saver solution, the cleaner the dampening system and the cleaner the blankets and plates.  

Fountain Saver Solution Recycling
  • Impact : Improve Color Consistency, Press Productivity, Reduce Waste, Improve Blanket Performance, Assure Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Chemical Usage
  • Value : Increase Press Performance and Profit, Reduce Dampening System Maintenance, Reduce Press Shut-Downs, Extend Blanket Life
  • Performance : Reduce Blanket Piling by Removing Virtually All Fountain Solution Contaminants, Fountain Solution Remains Like Freshly Mixed, Minimize Press Resetting Between Job Reprints, Reduce Water and Ink Adjustments
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