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  • Used Heidelberg Printing Press For Sale

Heidelberg Printing Press (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG) is the leading worldwide provider of solutions and services for the print media industry. The company offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of sheetfed offset printing, digital printing, and the production of sophisticated parts and assembly groups in precision mechanical engineering.

Used Heidelberg Printing Machines

For more information on specific machines, see our full table of Heidelberg Machine Specs through the years. Learn more about the offset printing machines we distribute. Questions about the printing equipment we distribute? Contact us for more information.

History of Heidelberg Printers

Heidelberg has produced industry-leading printing press equipment for well over a century. First developed and manufactured in the early 1900s, it revolutionized the printing industry with its breakthrough speed and efficiency. The commercial printing press equipment manufactured by Heidelberg has always been known for premium-quality printing, reliability, and advanced technology, a reputation that carries with its products today. The rich histroy behind this company makes many of its older offset printing presses highly sought-after by collectors.

Asset Liquidity is Your Source for Used Printing Presses

At Asset Liquidity, we offer a wide range of commercial printing equipment at competitive prices, including 4 color offset printing machines, 2 color offset pringint machines, and other Heidelberg printing presses. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Asset Liquidity offers expert advice and support throughout the buying process, from selecting the best resources for your application to understanding the capabilities of each piece of equipment. Asset Liquidity is your trusted source for Heidelberg presses and other offset printing presses.

The Advantage of Purchasing Used Offset Printing Press Equipment

Buying used printing press equipment is a cost-effective way to improve production efficiency. By purchasing pre-owned equipment presses, businesses can save money while still enjoying the benefits of advanced printing technology. Asset Liquidity guarantees the high-quality equipment we distribute has been thoroughly inspected and tested. Additional benefits of purchasing used printing press resources from Asset Liquidity include:
  • Operation & Maintenance: Used industrial printing presses often come with a history of use, increasing the resources available for operation and maintenance
  • Reduced Depreciation: Used printing presses have already depreciated, reducing the risk of value-loss compared to purchasing new equipment
  • Accessibility: When purchasing new industrial printing press equipment, lead times can be weeks or even months; used equipment is available immediately

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Used Printing Equipment

Contact Asset Liquidity or call (909)466-7041 for more information about our Heidelberg printing presses. You can also request a quote for pricing information. Asset Liquidity is your source for used printing press equipment.
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