Used Mailing Equipment

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Asset Liquidity International is your dedicated provider of the industry’s best pre-owned capital equipment, including industrial machines and supplies for mail rooms. Our extensive selection of used mailing equipment adds value to your printing operations, improves services for end-users, and expands your business potential without exceeding your budget.  
In addition to selling high-performing machines for mail rooms, ALI also purchases pre-owned mailing supplies. Whether you want to sell your equipment to make room for new machines or are seeking to liquidate capital, ALI is here to help. Get started with us today! Our team will help you buy or sell pre-owned mailing machines at your convenience so that you can focus on boosting your business operations. 


Upgrade Your Mail Room with Certified Pre-Owned Industrial Supplies 

Industrial mail rooms are busy spaces that serve many purposes and applications. From stuffing envelopes to binding magazines to printing postcards, your mail room must have the right machines, equipment, and supplies. Our certified pre-owned mailing equipment will help you quickly and efficiently package, sort, and print a vast range of booklets, envelopes, and products. 
To help grow your mail room to meet your evolving business needs, ALI stocks many options for used mailing machines. In addition to our pre-owned printing equipment, ALI offers a variety of certified pre-owned bindery machines to take your mail room operations to the next level:

The Advantages of Purchasing Used Mailing Equipment & Machines  

Purchasing any equipment, new or pre-owned, represents a significant investment of money and other resources for all industrial mail rooms, particularly small- or medium-sized mailing operations. Purchasing pre-owned refurbished mailing equipment allows you to stretch your budget further while increasing your business. Other benefits of our pre-owned mailing supplies include: 
  • Equipment maintains value for a longer time
  • Dependable models deliver proven quality
  • Lower costs up front, during operation, and of ownership 
  • Greater flexibility to grow or adapt your operations as your business needs evolve 
Asset Liquidity International provides only the best pre-owned mailing machines to support you as you enhance your operations. As your mailing machine supplier, we carry out rigorous inspections for all our refurbished mailing equipment, offer ongoing equipment services, and can provide any necessary documentation upon request. When you buy from ALI, you can rest assured that you are receiving excellent pre-owned mail room equipment that will perform on an equal level to new machines. Shop our selection of certified pre-owned mailing machines for sale today.  

Contact ALI for Dependable & High-Performing Pre-Owned Industrial Equipment 

ALI is your top source for high-quality used mail machines for sale for mail rooms and other industrial operations. Contact us today to learn more about our products, services, and other offerings. Request a quote to receive specific information about your order's inventory, pricing, and turnaround times. Our expert team of friendly representatives will be in contact to help boost your workflow as soon as possible.