Used Web Offset Printing Machine

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Web offset printers are used to print on long rolls of paper fed continuously into the press to produce an inked image. They can print at speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute or 20,000 cut-offs per hour. A used web offset printing machine is the most cost-effective printing machine option for high-volume commercial printing. 
Asset Liquidity International is your premier source for buying or leasing used printing equipment, including used certified pre-owned web offset printing press machines, digital offset presses, and other printing machinery. Our repossessed inventory can help you upgrade your machinery and expand your operational capacities at a significantly lower cost compared to purchasing new equipment. Explore our stock of web offset printers today!



Web Offset Printing Press Capabilities 

Specifications and capabilities for webfed offset printing presses will vary on which model you select. Many models can cut, perforate, and fold printed products inline. Depending on the used web offset printing machine you choose, our used printing machines can print on paper from 11” to 56” wide or larger. For product-specific printer information, explore our in-stock options listed above. 

Cold & Heatset Web Press for Sale 

Cold web offset printers and heatset webfed presses are in stock and ready for purchase. These two types of offset presses vary by the methods through which their inks dry. 
  • Cold offset printing dries through ink absorption into the paper. It is typically used for printing applications that do not demand high-quality images.
  • Heatset webfed printers utilize drying lamps or heaters to set the inks. They are generally used for printing on coated or glossy paper.

Webfed Printers or Sheet-fed Printers? 

Where webfed offset presses print on one long continuous roll of paper, sheetfed printers are used to print on individual sheets. Sheet-fed printing presses are best suited to low or medium-sized production runs, and webfed printers are best applied for high-volume needs. They both produce high-quality printed material, but sheetfed presses will also create more waste during production.

Industrial Applications for Web Offset Printers 

Used webfed presses for sale from Asset Liquidity are ideal for high-volume commercial printing applications. Our used web presses are often purchased to print:
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Books
  • Directories
  • Manuals
  • Packaging
  • And much more!

Used Web Press for Sale at Liquidation Prices 

Asset Liquidity International is your #1 provider of repossessed and end-of-lease capital equipment. In addition to our web offset printers and printing equipment, we offer rigging services, forklift rentals, and many other products and services. Our expert team is dedicated to finding the best used offset presses and other machinery for the lowest prices.
To learn more about our product availability or services, contact us today. Request a quote to start your order. One of our highly trained and knowledgeable representatives will be in touch within twenty-four hours.