Heavy Lift Toyota Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift Rental

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Ideal for applications that require moving products, heavy machinery, machine tools, or other cargo, heavy lift counterbalanced forklifts are a popular utility truck for warehouses, lumber yards, and distribution centers. These industrial workhorse lift trucks are widely used due to their load capabilities and agile functionalities.

The Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift for Heavy Lifting 

With a 40,000 lb. to 60,000 lb. lifting capacity, the Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift is designed and engineered for strength, safety, and easy maneuverability.  
Built on a 98-inch wheelbase with a 36-inch load center, the Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift features a Gm 3.0L engine, an open cab with an overhead guard, and easy access service points.

Additional features include:

  • Remote control for technical loads
    • Allows for increased visibility allowing the forklift operator to step off the lift for proper load placement
  • Backup camera
  • Gantry boom attachment for overhead lifting
    • Boom capacity: 24-inch Load Center, 40,100 lbs. up to 58,600 lbs.
  • Stackable, extendable counterweights with removable slabs
  • Propane or gas
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Toyota

Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift Rental | High Capacity Forklift RentalHoist FR 40/60 Forklift Specifications

  • Capacity range: 40,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. (18 tonnes to 27 tonnes)
  • Wheelbase: 96 inches to 146 inches (2,500 mm to 3,700 mm)
  • Load center: 36 inches (900 mm)
  • Length: 252 inches
  • Width: 72 inches
  • Height: 100 inches
  • Truck weight: 53,380 lbs. (24,213 kg.) with all plates loaded
  • Plate weight: 2,230 lbs. (7 plates)
Heavy lift forklifts (also known as counterweight forklifts) are best suited for environments that allow for unrestricted movement, ideally with wide aisles or open docking locations.

When you need a multi-purpose lift truck for transporting and lifting heavy loads, the Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift is an exceptional rental option for all your high capacity forklift needs. Perfect for all your material handling needs. With a low-profile and compact design, this functional heavy lift forklift has a wide range of capacity options and quick-change forks for increased efficiency and versatility.

Asset Liquidity Heavy Lift Forklift Rental Advantages

With over 40 years of capital equipment experience, Asset Liquidity understands the unique requirements of forklift rental. Our Hoist FR 40/60 Forklift is available for rent with certified forklift operators. If you prefer, we also offer forklift training programs designed around training your team with proper forklift operation techniques that meet all industry safety guidelines and standards.

Rent a High Capacity Counterbalanced Forklift in Southern California, Arizona, & Nevada Today

Asset Liquidity provides high-quality equipment and excellent customer service every time. We partner with experienced heavy machinery movers to provide equipment transportation services, with the added benefit of being able to deliver the counterbalanced forklift directly to you.

Discuss your counterbalanced forklift needs with us today. If you are not interested in renting a forklift, we also offer a variety of machinery hauling equipment for sale.
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