Forklift Rental

With over 40 years of capital equipment experience, Asset Liquidity understands the unique requirements of forklift rentals. Our heavy lifting forklifts are available for rent with certified forklift operators in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We also offer forklift training programs designed around training your team with proper forklift operation techniques that meet all industry safety guidelines and standards.

Asset Liquidity's heavy lift forklift rental service offers unparalleled reliability and performance for all your material-handling requirements. Whether it's a high-capacity forklift rental for a large-scale project or a versatile forklift for day-to-day operations, our fleet ensures maximum uptime. Our commitment to excellence and understanding of forklift rental services make us the go-to provider for businesses seeking practical, efficient solutions. With our expert guidance, you'll find the perfect forklift rental to meet your needs. 

High-Capacity  Forklift Rental for Heavy Lifting

When you need a multi-purpose lift truck, the heavy lifting forklift is an exceptional rental option for all your high-capacity forklift and material handling needs. With a low profile and compact design, this functional heavy lift forklift rental has a wide range of capacity options and quick-change forks for increased efficiency and versatility.

Why Choose an Industrial Forklift Rental from Asset Liquidity?

Asset Liquidity’s mid-size forklift is designed and engineered for strength, safety, and easy maneuverability. As industrial businesses maximize their square footage to fit the maximum amount of equipment, it is often difficult to move heavy equipment or extreme weight due to space constraints. Our forklift rental is a mid-sized forklift, able to fit into small or tight places while lifting heavy loads. Our forklifts for rent can handle either extreme weight or lighter loads while easily navigating doorways, buildings, and other equipment in proximity to the forklift within your facility.

Rent a High-Capacity Counterbalanced Forklift in Southern California, Arizona, & Nevada Today

Asset Liquidity provides high-quality equipment and excellent customer service every time. We partner with experienced heavy machinery movers to provide equipment transportation services with the added benefit of delivering the forklift rental directly to you. If you are not interested in our forklift rental and would rather purchase your equipment, we also offer various industrial used forklifts and other hauling equipment for sale.
Request a quote to discuss your industrial forklift rental needs with us today. If you have further questions, call us today at 909-566-7041 or fill out our contact form. We’ll respond within twenty-four hours to get started on meeting your heavy lift forklift rental requirements.