Pre-Owned Order Picker Forklifts

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Order selector machines are specifically designed for filling individual customer orders which require piece-part or case picking, rather than full pallets or unit loads, which would require the use of one of our used electric forklifts. Our repossessed order picker forklifts are designed to be used at elevations higher than the second level of racking in a warehouse or distribution center. Additionally, Asset Liquidity carries a wide range of brands for our repossessed electric trucks. The intuitive control systems and safety features installed in each used order picker not only ensure a smooth learning curve for new operators but also maintain high levels of safety within the warehouse environment. By opting for Asset Liquidity's repossessed stock picker machines, businesses can expect a noticeable improvement in their order-picking processes. You can expect faster order fulfillment rates and a reduction in labor costs. 

Electric Truck Features & Benefits

Asset Liquidity’s repossessed order picker forklifts provide unique access to order shelves compared to our traditional used electric forklifts. Their versatile design allows for handling of a wide range of items. Some of the benefits of our repossessed electric trucks compared to our used electric forklifts, include: 

  • Faster travel
  • Quicker lift
  • Lower speeds

Our repossessed electric trucks are perfect for picking items such as parts, furniture and many others. The maneuverability of our repossessed electric trucks in narrow and high level areas enables the user to take full advantage of limited storage space.

Why Choose a Repossessed Electric Truck?

If you are looking for a comfortable, efficient way to pick stock, and you are not in the market for one of our used electric forklifts, then consider one of our repossessed order selector machines. Asset Liquidity’s repossessed electric trucks are an ergonomic and economical solution for order picking, and an important part of warehouse activity, which can make up 55 percent of total warehouse operating costs. 

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