Used Box Making Machines For Sale

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Our used box making machines includes fold-up carton makers, die cutters, folder gluers, and other machinery used to cut, fold and glue boxes for packaged foods, cosmetics, electronics, and other packaged goods. During the assembly process, cartons are printed and then sent to the folding carton equipment for finishing. The paper box machine then cuts the cardboard into a specific shape and creates creases along the fold lines. The box is sent to a stripping station that removes excess material and finally, the carton is folded and glued.
Die-cutting box folder gluers are an essential piece of equipment for any facility that packages their products in boxes. We specialize in repossessed and used paper box equipment and carry many of the same products that you will find on the new retail market. Options include used box folder gluers for simple straight folds and equipment for more complex 4 or 6 corner folds.
Our inventory is constantly changing and if we don’t have the exact used paper box making machine you need in stock, our team will find one for you. Our team also provides equipment repair services to keep your folding carton equipment in top operating condition.


Lower Your Costs by Purchasing Used Paper Box Making Machines

Equipping your manufacturing facility with brand new machinery is a large investment, but you can significantly reduce costs by purchasing pre-owned or repossessed paper box equipment. When you purchase used equipment, you benefit from having the equipment you need at a significantly lower cost. This is especially helpful for new and expanding businesses, or those that are trying to keep costs low while upgrading their equipment.  
  • Produces Satisfied Customers - Used paper box assembly machines have the capabilities to produce paper boxes that are the perfect size in relation to the products. This type of technology saves resources and allows customers into the environmentally thoughtful approach of the production process.
  • Real-Time Box Production – Used paper box equipment allows for the production of an infinite number of boxes exactly when they are needed. With paper box equipment there is no need to wait for the boxes to be created by hand.
  • Increases Warehouse Space – Pre-made boxes are large, bulky, and take up a lot of floor space. With used folder gluer box equipment, boxes are created when they are needed, which creates more floor space for more products or machines.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Used Folder Gluer Box Equipment

Before making a purchase, there are several important things to consider while you are shopping for used or repossessed paper box equipment:
  • Folding Capabilities: Folding carton equipment comes with different tooling depending on the type of folding and gluing required. Think about the different types of cartons you need to produce and be sure to select equipment that has tooling for different folding configurations and sealing.
  • Additional Features: Other beneficial features include vacuum feed belts, carton pile vibrators, and other tooling that help feed and sort the cartons. 4 or 6 corner cartons require equipment with a back folding system  
  • Production Volume: A high-volume manufacturing operation will require different equipment than a short-run production facility. Select a box folder gluer that has the design and durability to keep up with your facility’s demands. The framework should be solid, and the lower part of the machinery should sit low to the ground to reduce vibration that loosens bolts over time.
  • Safety Features: As with any manufacturing equipment, safety is critical. Look for paper box equipment that has a two press start system and emits an audible signal when the machine is turned on. Belts and pinch points should have guards to prevent clothing from getting caught. There should also be a function that requires the equipment to be manually unlocked after a jam.
  • Warranty/After Sales Support: Warranties are not always included with used paper box equipment but at minimum, the company you purchase from should offer after-sales support. This includes service and repair, as well as assistance with any other issues after the purchase.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Used Box Making Machine 

Our experts will help you find the right used paper box equipment, like an automatic box folding machine, for your application. Contact Asset Liquidity International today or call 909-466-7041 to learn more about our current inventory or to submit an equipment request.