Used Digital Offset Printer Machines

A used digital offset printer is ideal for high-quality, full-color print jobs in lower quantities but also performs well for high-volume printing. Because they print from digital files, digital offset printing machines allow for easy design changes with minimal downtime. Industrial digital printing machines feature extensive automation that provides faster, more efficient production. Used digital printing equipment also provides added time, labor, and cost savings benefits without having to compromise quality.

Custom Industrial Digital Printer 

In recent years the printing industry has evolved at a very high rate. This is due to the increased emphasis on fully customized short run productions with extremely quick turnaround times. Asset Liquidity’s certified pre-owned digital offset printer equipment can provide the best solution for these types of industrial demands and requirements. By integrating inline laser cutting with digital printing, Asset Liquidity can increase your overall production capabilities and help you achieve a truly lean manufacturing solution with our used industrial digital printer. 

Digital Printing Equipment Options

At Asset Liquidity we provide you with numerous options regarding our used digital offset printing press machines. We understand that every job is unique and provides their own specific challenges. That’s why we buy and sell many different types of used digital printing equipment. Some of the specific types of digital printing machines we sell, include: 
  • Digital flatbed
  • Laser printers
  • Digital dryers
  • Computer-to plate
  • Direct-to-garment
  • Plotters
  • Heat transfer presses
  • Rip software
At Asset Liquidity International, we also have the capabilities to perform rigging and transportation of any printing and converting equipment that we either purchase or sell. In addition, we can also perform full-service equipment repairs within your facility. 

Used Digital Offset Printer Equipment Operational Qualities 

Digital printing is an alternative to other traditional printing methods, such as lithography flexography, gravure, letter press, and more. Used digital printing presses utilize saved vector image files that are directly imported into the digital offset printing machines database. The system is then able to evaluate the color schemes and dispense ink wherever deemed applicable by the digital printing software. Depending on your production line needs and the capabilities of the digital printing system manufacturer, there is an abundance of finishing options that can be customized and installed in-line with your digital printing system. 

Digital Printing Equipment Benefits

Asset Liquidity’s state-of-the-art engineering enables us to provide you with a high-quality product at a low initial investment, customizable for the growing needs and demands of your specific application. Some of the benefits of used offset printing machine include:
  • Depending on model, can print up to 10,000 sheets per hour or more
  • Typically have smaller footprints than other offset printing presses
  • Capable of producing rich, vibrant colors and crisp lines
  • Can print on substrates of widely varying thicknesses with equal precision
  • On-the-fly Job Changeovers
  • No Click Charges
  • No Tooling Delays
  • Job Flexibility
  • Optimized for Speed

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