Used Commercial Printing Equipment

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Used commercial printing equipment is used worldwide for generating mass quantities of colorful and informative brochures, magazines, containers, and advertising material. Used printing machines are in high demand since they are equally effective as new industrial printing equipment at a fraction of the cost. Many small to medium-sized companies prefer to purchase preowned or repossessed printing equipment due to the immediate cost savings and the repurposed printing machine's proven effectiveness. 

Discover Used Printing Machines for Sale from ALI

ALI maintains a large inventory of quality preowned printing and converting equipment. Our inventory is always changing, so check back often to see new listings. Our selection of used printing machines for sale includes commercial offset printing presses, flexographic presses, wide format printers, and more. Call us at 909-466-7041 to learn more about our used printing equipment, printing presses, and bindery equipment.

Used Offset Printing Presses & Other Used Printing Equipment from Top Brands

At Asset Liquidity International, we offer customers the best used printing equipment from leading manufacturers. We carry offset printing presses, digital offset presses, flexographic presses, and other commercial printing equipment from all major brands, including:

Buying Tips for Purchasing Used Printing Equipment

Finding used printing equipment or used bindery equipment that fits your specific needs can take a lot of time and energy. Often, you may think that you've found the correct piece of used printing equipment that suits your needs, only to be frustrated later that the product was not how it was described.
At Asset Liquidity, we want you to be delighted with your purchase. We are always upfront and honest about every piece of printing and bindery equipment we have for sale. Save yourself time and frustration by utilizing the following tips for purchasing used printing equipment.
  1. Always buy from a reputable firm that knows the equipment inside-out and can perform mechanical inspections.
  2. Personally inspect the equipment. Ask questions about performance and maintenance. What types of work has it been doing? How many hours or impressions has it run? Check maintenance records for breakdowns and repairs.
  3. Know specifically (if applicable) which parts have been refurbished and/or replaced.
  4. Be careful if you buy directly from an end user. Market prices fluctuate. You may be paying more than the equipment is worth. Some machinery is sold because it doesn't work correctly, or replacement parts are no longer available.
  5. Avoid Internet-only websites and re-sellers who advertise solely online – along with machines advertised via mobile phone numbers or webmail addresses.
  6. Your first question for digital or electronic equipment should be: Does the equipment have a service contract? If yes, it's more likely to be in good condition.
  7. Make especially sure that all moving parts are in good shape. Get a pro to make a mechanical inspection on-site.

Additional Considerations When Looking for Used Printing Machinery for Sale

There are also several things to consider when operating used offset printing presses, used digital printing machinery, or other used printing equipment and bindery equipment. Here's how to get the most out of the equipment you purchase from Asset Liquidity.
  • Properly trained operators will reduce downtime and maximize productivity.
  • Use the recommended plates, blankets, pressroom chemicals, and substrates. If in doubt, check your OEM manuals and seek out independent suppliers whose products are used for similar equipment from several OEMs.
  • To gauge productivity, always check your clicks against the recommended speed in your manual. Running equipment at top speed may not give you the best results. You might produce more at lower speeds with fewer stops.
  • If your machine adds to your existing workflow, ensure your staffers know how to operate it and connect it seamlessly to all hardware and software.

Contact Us for Used Offset Digital Presses & Other Used Printing Equipment

When searching for used large format printers, print finishing equipment, and other preowned printing equipment, working with a trustworthy used printing equipment expert like Asset Liquidity is extremely valuable. Contact us for more information regarding our used printing equipment and used bindery equipment options, or if you have a specific question, call us at 909-466-7041. We would be more than happy to assist you in finding the used printing equipment best suited to your application needs.