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Purchasing used bindery machines and equipment presents vast cost savings over buying the same commercial binding machine new. Used bindery equipment enables you to advance your facility’s technology while keeping costs low, earning more profits, and increasing your business’s competitive edge. 

At Asset Liquidity International (ALI), we maintain a large inventory of pre-owned bindery equipment for sale. We stock certified used printing and binding equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Muller, Kluge, Harris, Stahl, and more. From spiral binding machines to 6-pocket stitchers and everything in between, ALI has the high-quality used bindery equipment for sale that you need.

In Stock Used Binding & Finishing Machines for Sale

Die Cutting Equipment

Pre-owned die-cutting machines are designed to cut a specific pattern into a substrate or to cut the substrate itself into a pattern. Asset Liquidity has several pieces of die cutting equipment available, including rotary die cutting equipment. Die-cutting equipment can be employed in various bindery applications, such as creating unique cut-out pages for pop-up books, cutting decorative cover embellishments from foils or other materials, or cutting paper into individual pages.  

Perfect Binders

Perfect Binders are ideal for a wide variety of bookbinding. The process of perfect binding involves attaching a paper cover to the spine of previously assembled signatures using a flexible adhesive. These machines combine all the pages together, then roughen and flatten the spine’s edge. After the edge is prepared, the flexible adhesive is applied and then set. Depending on the machine, the perfect binding process can be used on books up to several inches thick. We stock used bindery machines that allow for short or long runs of traditionally bound books. We frequently carry used bindery equipment and binders from Muller, Kolbus, and Horizon, among other leading manufacturers. Check back frequently for an up-to-date list of machines we have available. 

Folder Machines

Used folder machines use a combination of knives, folders, or folder plates to rapidly and accurately fold sheets to create signatures. These high-speed binding machines are available in two general types or in a hybrid style that combines both:

  • Knife folders use moving tapes or belts to feed sheets into their counter-rotating folding rollers. Knife folder binding equipment is best suited to use for papers with a heavier weight. They are primarily used to create right-angle folds.
  • Buckle folders use moving belts to carry sheets up a slight incline between two plates which causes the sheets to buckle and fold. Buckle folder bindery machines are best suited to use for papers with a lighter weight. They are used to create parallel folds.


Bindery stitcher equipment is designed to drive metal staples through the collected signatures that comprise a finished book. There are two basic types of stitchers: saddle-stitching machines and side-stitching machines. Both binding equipment systems essentially produce the same result.

  • Saddle-stitching binding machines drive staples through the centerfold of the signatures and are commonly used for magazines and other smaller, thinner publications.
  • Side-stitching, or side-wire stitching, binding equipment pushes staples through the top of the signatures along the publication’s binding edge. This method can prevent the product from opening and laying flat. It can also result in margin loss.


Pre-owned paper cutters are for sale in an array of sizes, configurations, and capacities. Specialized variations of this bindery equipment are available for cutting different types of paper stock. The cutting of paper stock into uniformly-sized press sheets, which in turn become pages in a book or other publication, can take place at nearly any point in the printing or binding process. 

Scoring & Perforating Machines

Perforating and scoring bindery machinery is designed to score or crease quickly and accurately for easy folding and processing. These binding machines can create everything from thin, coated paper to heavy cardstock. With the perforating feature, your product will be easy to tear and remove. We maintain a large stock of used scoring and perforating bindery machines to keep your production lines running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Gluers & Gluing Machines

Folding and gluing transform flat materials into boxes, envelopes, or other finished products through folding and adhesive applications. Our supply of used gluing bindery equipment makes applying adhesives fast and easy while streamlining your application’s overall workflow.


Collators are binding machinery designed to arrange the completed pages of a printed product into the correct order and alignment for binding. Modern collators are fully automated and can work with a wide range of sheet sizes and stock thicknesses. These bindery machines organize signatures or individual sheets into sets, which are then fed into pockets before getting gathered into ready-to-bind book blocks. 

UV Coaters

Our stock of pre-owned ultraviolet, or UV, coaters provides printed products with higher resistance to scuffing and marking. UV coaters apply specialized coatings to business cards, brochures, direct mail, and other printed products and then dry the coating via ultraviolet light. Features and capabilities can vary greatly and may include simultaneous double-sided coating applications, a wide range of compatible paper stock thicknesses, offset and digital printing compatibility, and more. 


Pre-owned laminator binding equipment uses heated rollers to melt glue extruded onto lamination film. This film is in turn applied to a substrate such as paper or card using pressure rollers. The primary purpose of laminating with such a laminator is to embellish or protect printed documents or images. Heated roll laminators can vary in size, from office-based pouch laminators to industrial-sized binding machines. Such industrial machines are primarily used for high-quantity or high-quality output by printers or print finishers. 

High-Quality Used Binding & Finishing Equipment at Competitive Prices 

Asset Liquidity is your #1 source for high-quality used bindery equipment. We have the technology you need at prices that fit your budget. To find the best solution for your application that won’t break the bank, check out our ever-changing inventory to find the used binding equipment that you need.

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