Used Paper Scoring and Perforating Machines

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Paper scoring machines, also known as paper perforation machines, punch small holes into sheets or rolls of paper to create a series of openings. This process allows for sections to be easily separated from one another. In mailrooms and printing set-ups, paper scoring machines are often paired with industrial printing presses, folders, and other bindery equipment to enhance operations and increase efficiency.
Choosing Asset Liquidity International as your provider for buying and selling used paper scoring and perforating machine comes with an extensive range of advantages. A few of the many benefits include:
  • Cost-effective way to upgrade industrial printing or mailing setups
  • Efficient and profitable operations
  • Fewer hours spent on manual labor
  • Experienced rigging services from industry professionals
  • A full-service partner who supports you from initial quote through final delivery and ongoing services
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Used Paper Scoring Machines for Sale


Paper Perforation Machines vs. Cutting Machines

Automatic paper scoring equipment shares many similarities with industrial die-cutting equipment. However, there are a few key differences between the two pieces of machinery. For instance, perforation allows for easy product separation while maintaining your branding on the product after opening, whereas cutting produces complete cuts with sharp lines and smooth edges.
Each machine type is suited to differing productions. Paper scoring machines are best used in applications such as processing envelopes, mailers, coupons, calendars, or other promotional items. Cutters are better utilized in operations like cutting individual shapes from rolls of paper, foil, cloth, rubber, or other material.

We Purchase Used Paper Perforation Machines & Other Automatic Equipment

Whether you’re looking to make room for new machinery, liquidate existing capital equipment, or want to sell production assets, Asset Liquidity is here to help. In addition to selling the best used perf machines, we also purchase used capital equipment for competitive prices.
We take care of everything from appraisal to inspection through locating the final buyer. Our team’s extensive industry experience allows us to easily navigate the complexities of selling used paper scoring machines and other industrial equipment. After establishing your budget, timeline, and risk mitigation priorities, we streamline the purchasing process to provide you with expedited and detail-oriented service.

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