Used Paper Folding Machines

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In binding and finishing, folding a press sheet is commonly performed after printing and cutting. Our high-speed used paper folding machines use combinations of knives and rollers to rapidly fold sheets to create brochures, books, magazine or newspaper inserts, and much more. Sharing many similarities with paper folders and inserters, these industrial machines add value, productivity, and efficiency to any printing or bindery facility.

Purchasing a used automatic paper folding machine from Asset Liquidity International is a great way to keep your capital expenses from depreciating. Our used paper folding machines are cost-effective options that allow you to advance in technology while keeping your hourly cost low. We will help you gain a competitive edge by growing your business and bottom line with a used paper folding machine for sale manufactured by top-name brands, including MBO, Stahl, and others. 

In addition to selling the best used industrial folding machine equipment, we will purchase your used equipment. Call 909-466-7041 today to learn more.

Available Types of Paper Folders



Used Knife Paper Folding Machines

Used knife paper folding machines use a dull knife to strike the paper between two rollers. As the blade is not sharpened, the paper is creased and not cut through, creating a fold. This configuration of paper folder is best suited to jobs involving thick paper, such as producing maps or similar products.

Used Buckle Paper Folders

Used buckle paper folders feed paper into the machine at high speeds. When the paper can move no further, it buckles. High-friction rollers push the buckled paper through folding rollers, resulting in the fold. Buckle paper folding machines are ideal for folding applications involving lighter-weight paper.

Combination Paper Folding Machines

In addition to knife and buckle paper folding machines, ALI also buys and sells combination paper folders. Combination paper folders combine the folding units of both knife and buckle configurations. These folders tend to be more flexible and versatile than the other two types of paper folders. 

ALI Buys & Sells High-Performance Certified Pre-Owned Paper Folding Machines  

Whether you want to upgrade your bindery outfit with a used commercial automatic paper folding machine or liquidate your current industrial machinery, ALI has you covered. We will utilize our vast network of connections to find buyers for your equipment or locate the capital machinery you need for your operations. We also offer comprehensive rigging services to make your process fast, straightforward, and stress-free.

Contact us today to learn more about how ALI can support your operations by buying or selling your used commercial paper folding machine. Request a quote on our used paper folding machines to begin your order.