Featured Pre-owned/ Used Capital Equipment

Pre-owned/ Used prepress equipment can be an excellent investment for your business, especially at discounted prices. This used capital equipment can bring efficiency and higher profitability, offering the same superior quality printing equipment at more affordable prices.
If you’re looking for a great deal on used, repossessed, and end of lease equipment, look no further! Asset Liquidity’s featured equipment section is full of high-quality machines at prices that are hard to beat.



Benefits of Buying Pre-owned/ Used Prepress Equipment

Buying pre-owned/ used prepress equipment instead of new equipment provides you the same high quality and benefits of new prepress equipment at more cost-effective prices. This used capital equipment offers:
  • Increased efficiency for your prepress processes
  • Improved profitability at a lower cost
  • The ability to avoid depreciation losses

Our Ever-Changing Used Prepress Equipment for Sale

Every week, our available used capital equipment changes, providing you continuous opportunities to find the right machinery for your application at lower prices. View our inventory of featured printing equipment, featured machine tools, and more to find the equipment you need.
Be sure to check back often for more buys if you don’t find what you need today.

Contact Us for Great Buys on Pre-owned/ Used Capital Equipment

If you’re in the market for printing equipment, Asset liquidity offers a variety of high quality, used prepress equipment at affordable prices. Request a quote on any of the featured equipment you see here or contact Asset Liquidity or call us at 909-566-7041 to learn more about our exclusive deals.