Used Folding and Gluing Machines

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Folding and gluing machines transform a piece of flat material into a finished product, such as a box, envelope, or promotional item. These final products are achieved by folding the blank along pre-creased lines and applying the adhesive that will hold the product together. Automatic folder gluers will help your printing and bindery operation keep pace with high-volume orders requiring quick turnarounds without sacrificing quality.

Asset Liquidity International is your top source for buying or selling used automatic folding and gluing machines. Printing equipment and bindery machinery are significant investments for any outfit. We’ll help you minimize upfront costs while maximizing your facility’s output and profit. Let us show you why we’re your #1 ally and supplier of used industrial equipment.
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Used Automatic Folder Gluer Machines for Sale


Maximize Efficiency by Purchasing Used Folder Gluers & Other Industrial Equipment

Automatic folding and gluing machines are critical in any packaging operation. Our inventory can fold, glue, and create boxes from an extensive range of materials, including paper, plastic, litho-laminates, metalized and varnished boards, corrugated boards, and more. Used folding and gluing machines from ALI are durable, productive, and built with high-yield use in mind.
We offer used name-brand equipment and models with proven reliability. Purchasing used machinery means your capital costs do not depreciate, and you receive equipment that delivers like-new performances. In addition to buying a used automatic folder gluer for your facility, consider these other machines to maximize your efficiency and give yourself a competitive edge:

ALI Will Purchase Your Used Automatic Gluing Machines

When you want to make room for newly acquired machinery in your facility or liquidate and sell your production assets, Asset Liquidity will purchase your used folder gluers and other capital equipment. We provide a seamless selling experience, leveraging a vast network of contacts to ensure you receive the most money for your assets. From appraisal to inspection to providing high-quality rigging services, we’ll identify a buyer and foster a stress-free selling process.

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