Used Folder Machines

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Used Folders have become a very profitable piece of equipment in commercial printers today. Used Folders are a great way to keep your capital expenses from depreciating. Folders such as MBO Folders, Stahl folders, and other dependable long lasting brands allow you to advance in technology, while keeping your hourly cost low, which in turn is more profitable and more competitive. Begin to grow your business and bottom line by purchasing MBO Folders, Stahl folders, or any other folder. 


In binding and finishing, folding a press sheet is commonly performed after printing and cutting a sheet. Folders are used to create brochures, books, magazine and newspaper inserts, maps, newspapers etc. Machines used for folding are high-speed and high tech devices that use combinations of knifes and rollers to rapidly and accurately fold sheets. There are two basic types of folders. A knife folder and a buckle folder. Each type of folder is used for different types of jobs. Light-weight papers perform better on a buckle folder, while heavier-weight papers are often folded with a knife folder. There are also combination folders which combines folding units of both knife and buckle configurations. These folders tend to be more flexible than either/ or devices.  

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