Used Electric Pallet Jacks

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Choose from our extensive line of good, used electric pallet jacks.

Asset Liquidity International specializes in used electric pallet jacks. Our inventory comes from banks and major lending institutions throughout the US market due to end of leases and repossessions. These used electric pallet jacks are a great way to maximize your capital expense budget.

Opting for a secondhand electric pallet jack from Asset Liquidity International not only offers significant savings but also guarantees a product that has gone through rigorous testing for quality and durability. Whether you need a used motorized pallet jack for light-duty tasks or something more robust for heavier loads, our inventory will meet a broad spectrum of material-handling requirements. 

Because Asset Liquidity International works with most major banks and lending institutions throughout the US market, we have an extensive supply of good, battery-operated pallet jacks for you to choose from.  

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