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Oce TCS 500

ALI Reference #: 103766

The Oce TCS 500 presents itself efficiently and with good quality results - perfect for standard production. This Oce TCS 500 is a great Wide Format Printer. We specialize in buying and selling repossessed printing equipment. Our repossessed used wide format printers are a great way to upgrade your equipment while keeping your cost low.

Product Description
OCE TCS500 24"/36" Wide Format Scanner/Printer & Controller Unit System
In very good condition and full working order
· 1 x OCE TCS500 24"/36" Wide Format Printer
· 1 x OCE TCS500 24"/36" Wide Format Scanner
· 1 x OCE TCS500 Controller Unit (Dell Optiplex 360)
· 1 x Scanner Calibration Sheet
· 1 x Printer Paper Catch Frame
· 1 x Fujitsu Siemens A17-2 17" Monitor
· 1 x Software Floppy & CD-Roms, Safety Manual, Connection & Power Leads.
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