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UV Coaters

We not only sell and purchase used UV Coaters. We are also the exclusive US representatives of Al´s CO UV custom (NEW) UV Coaters. UV Coaters are another way to add value to your printing customer base. UV Coaters allow you to add services to your end users. Begin to grow your business and bottom line by purchasing a NEW or used UV Coater today.

Browse Our Selection

Consult the product listing below to browse our current selection of used UV coaters.

Uses for UV Coaters

UV coaters are useful for a range of industries and applications, including:

  • Paper and printing: Add a shiny or matte finish to photo paper with a UV Coater. If you’re starting a new print shop or are looking to expand your output capacity, consider investing in a new or used UV coater.
  • Glass and plastic: UV coatings for eyeglasses can help provide invaluable protection from harmful rays. Eyeglass manufacturers looking to upgrade their equipment fill find what they’re looking for at Asset Liquidity.
  • Aluminum Cans: The food and beverage industry relies on UV coaters to print brand labels onto the sides of aluminum beverage cans. Used UV coaters are a smart choice for craft brewers and soda manufacturers.
  • Wood: UV coatings for wood can help you achieve the just-right finish. Whether you manufacture cabinets, furniture or other wooden items, we have the equipment you need to achieve a high-gloss finish. 

Save Money with a Used UV Coater

For new businesses that need to stretch that start-up capital as far as it can go, a used UV coater is the ideal choice. Our used UV coaters are in excellent condition, which means you can get the same quality for a much lower price. Put the money you save on your UV coater towards other things that your business needs to flourish. 

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