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2010 Komori LSX-540+C Hybrid

ALI Reference #: 105300

2010 Komori LSX-540+C Hybrid

This Heidelberg prints at twenty inches by twenty nine inches. With perfector and CP Tronics makes this a great addition and versatile machine that can help to expand the services offered for a print shop.

Komori Details:

PQC Console
KHS - AI ( Advanced Interface)
Decutch units 1 and 5
Full APC
Skeleton transfer cylinders
AMR Preset
Komorimatic damping
Ink Temperature Control
Auto Ink roller wash
Auto Blanket Wash
Auto Impression Cylinder Wash
Diagonal Register
Harris and Bruno Anilox Coater
I/R Dryer
H- UV Equipment
Baldwin I/R-U/V Drying System
Extended delivery
Powder Spray
18,000 sheets per hour
Imps: 85 Million ONLY
Perfector: No
Color: 5
Available: June / July 2022
Celebrating 40 years
member of PIASC
member of IPMA