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Mitsubishi D3000LS 6 LX

ALI Reference #: 105517

 2003 Mitsubishi D3000LS 6 LX

This Mitsubishi prints at twenty eight by forty inches with six colors. This is a great addition and versatile machine that can help to expand the services offered for a print shop. This is another great offering from Asset Liquidity International Offset Presses.
Six Colour Offset Press with Coater
Size: 72x102cm, 28x40”

Equipped with:
  • Console with Plate Cocking
  • Semi APC
  • Royse R&R
  • ESS E600 Powder Spray
  • Standard Roller Coater
  • Extended Delivery
  • Non-stop Feed & Delivery
  • Magnum Roll to sheeter
  • X-Rite Intellitrax Scanner
  • Proofing Monitor System
  • Ink Declutch Units 1,2,5,6
  • Baldwin Blanket Wash
  • Auto Ink roller wash
  • Billows Pneumatic Plate Bender
  • Plate Punch
  • House Air
  • Vacuum Pump and Blower for Feeder
  • Presets
  • Solid Transfer Cylinders
  • 365 million impressions approx.