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Trash Compactor

ALI Reference #: 105412

Trash Compactor Baler

Balers bring down costs for recycling with this Maren being large auto capacity. Great addition to any print shop with large amounts of paper waste.
Capacity of Feeder Hopper: 35 CF
Number of Bale Ties: 5
Operating Pressure: 1500 PSI
Thrust: 42,390 Lbs.
Pump: 25 GPM
Cylinder: 6” dia. X 56”
Motor: 20hp
Cycle Time: 20 Secs.
Total Press Weight: 8,000 lbs. 

Over all Dimensions:Length: 218”
Width: 50”
Height: 82 ¾” (With Infeed Chute)
Height: 80” (at power pack end)
Height: 51” (to top of bailing chamber) 

Product Bale – Bailing Chamber:Height: 42”
Width: 30”
Length: 72” 

Feeder Hopper:Height 42” (Not Including InFeed Chute)
Length: 48”
Width: 30”
Celebrating 40 years
member of PIASC
member of IPMA