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1995 Man Roland Roto Man C

ALI Reference #: 105250

1995 Man Roland Roto Man C

With a size of twenty three inches by thirty eight inch cut off makes this versatile. Web Presses can provide high productiviy and profit.

Roto Man Details:

  • Butler 5000 Splicer
  • 6 units (1 unit has some damage in dismantlin)
  • 23 9/16 cut off 38" wide
  • Meg Tec Summit 2 Dryer
  • Man Roland 5 Drum Chill Unit
  • QTI Cilicone applicator
  • WPC Automatic Registration Controls
  • WPC Web Guid and Cut off Controls
  • 1 Lawson Blower
  • Remote Register Console
  • Remote Angle Bar and Cut off Control Console
  • Man Roland Manual Plate Bender
  • VWS Vibra Pack aChills and AEC Units
  • Baldwin Additional Bindery Line.
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