Used Large Format Printers

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Asset Liquidity provides high-quality pre-owned digital printers and other printing machinesto help enhance your operations without breaking your budget. We only stock the best quality large-format printing equipment and digital cutters, ensuring performances comparable to new machines without concern of your capital expenses depreciating. By purchasing used large-format printers and printing equipment from ALI, you can advance your technology while keeping hourly costs low.

In addition to selling high-quality refurbished format printers, ALI also purchases used wide format printers. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your operations or unload equipment that no longer meets your needs, the experts at ALI are here to help.

Used Large Format Digital Printers & Cutters for Sale



Wide Format Printing Machines

Wide format printers are digital printing machines designed for jobs involving large paper. This paper can range from 2’ wide to 15’ wide or larger. A highly profitable and valuable piece of equipment to include in any printing application, large format printers can handle extremely high-volume printing jobs and come with a very low hourly operational cost.
Used wide format printers are an ideal solution for a variety of printing jobs, including posters, banners, wallpaper, murals, vehicle image wraps, architectural drawings, and many others.

Large Digital Cutters

Digital cutters use a blade to cut a path programmed by a computer. With a large, flat table and cutting attachments, digital cutters are ideal for trimming products printed on a wide format printer or creating intricate shapes. They are an effective alternative to die-cutting machines as digital cutters come with various attachments and can handle materials with different rigidity and textures.

The Benefits of Choosing Used Large Format Printers & Digital Cutters

Purchasing equipment to upgrade your line is a significant investment for any operation, particularly for up-and-coming small or medium-sized companies. By choosing used large format printing equipment, you receive like-new performances for a fraction of the cost. Other advantages to used digital printers include:
  • Lower costs upfront
  • Equipment holds value longer
  • Proven quality from dependable machines
  • Lower costs of ownership
  • Greater flexibility to evolve your operation to match growing business needs
At ALI, we only stock the best used equipment. We can provide any necessary reports, documentation, or certifications your industry or business requires. Our equipment undergoes rigorous inspections to verify its condition, and we offer ongoing equipment services to ensure efficiency and functionality during operations.

Contact ALI for High-Quality Used Digital Printers & Cutters

Contact Asset Liquidity today to learn more about our available large format printing equipment, digital cutters, and other products or services. Request a quote today to begin your order and receive specific information regarding pricing, inventory, and timelines. Our experienced and highly trained customer service team will respond as soon as possible.