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Flexographic printing equipment can bring a printer substantial profitability at a low cost by running the final product much more efficiently. A used flexo press from Asset Liquidity is a great way to avoid depreciation versus purchasing a new web press. With a variety of high quality used flexo presses available, we can provide you with equipment that meets your current and future needs.


What is Flexography?

Flexography, or flexo, is a type of printing process that uses a flexible relief plate (hence the name). More or less the modern equivalent of letterpress, a flexo press can be used to print on almost any substrate material: plastic, paper, cellophane, etc. Flexo presses utilize specialized “flexographic ink” that is formulated to the printing requirements; five general types of flexo ink exist solvent-based ink, water-based ink, electron beam curing ink, UV curing ink, and two-part chemically-curing ink.

Flexo printing machines are commonly used to print on corrugated cardboard boxes and food packaging materials, and to print large areas of solid color. Flexography is also popular for printing on flexible packaging like shopping bags, self-adhesive labels, wallpaper.

Contact Us for Flexographic Printing Equipment

Asset Liquidity offers high quality used, repossessed, and end of lease flexo printing machines from industry-leading equipment manufacturers. Request a quote on the flexo press you need or contact us to learn more.

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